Hard X-ray microscopy has recently opened research avenues by overcoming frontiers of resolving power in biological tissues and cells. By combining a coherent and brilliant nano-focused beam with precise nano-positioning, X-ray holography can probe the 3D structure of thick biological tissues at spatial resolutions of tens of nanometres, with high sensitivity. X-ray fluorescence microscopy enables nanoscale mapping of the native chemical composition of specimens at ppm level. At the beamline ID16A of ESRF, these two techniques can be combined on the same sample to obtain complementary information. Imaging at cryogenic temperatures enables investigation of frozen-hydrated samples and improved resolving power and preservation of non-hydrated tissues. The webinar will present these techniques and show their application to address fundamental scientific questions such as deciphering neural circuits in the brain, and to tackle diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer, multiple sclerosis or diabetes. The exciting opportunities offered by EBS for these techniques will be discussed at the end of the webinar.

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