STREAMLINE is a Horizon2020 funded project that will complement the ESRF-EBS upgrade by enhancing user operation through new procedures and systems.


The ESRF-EBS source upgrade has provided X-ray beams with significantly increased brilliance and coherence, and these enhanced X-ray beams permit breath-taking new science as well as significant gains in resolution or rapidity for existing experiments. Making these opportunities swiftly available to our user communities, STREAMLINE will adapt user operation procedures, pilot new access modes and new services exploiting automation at the beamlines. STREAMLINE will train existing users in the new opportunities and look forwards by reaching out to new scientific communities in academia and industry.


17 April 2024

Adapting the European Synchrotron to Industry

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20 March 2024

ESRF High-Throughput Powder Diffraction Services: Launch Event

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ESRF High-Throughput Powder Diffraction Services : Launch Event

April 15, 2024



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EXPLORE ID22 – High-Resolution Powder Diffraction Beamline

March 21, 2024


ESRF - Webinar

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Big Data and Big Science Awareness Day 2024

May 8, 2024


University of Witwatersrand

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