10 May 2022

Automation of data collection at beamlines

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PUMA documents by country
3 February 2022

PUMA publications matching software

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Manuel Muñoz placing sample trays in the robot sample changer at BM23
19 November 2021

High-throughput elemental analysis for the mining industry

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HeritageMaterialsBAG at ID22
22 October 2021

Historical Materials BAG: a pilot for community-driven science-based group access

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Streamline introductory talk
20 October 2021

STREAMLINE Presentation to ESRF

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BASF at the ESRF on 28 January 2020 (From left to right, upper row: A. Fitch, E. Capria, P. Welter, Y. Watier, V. Honkimaki; lower row: E. Mitchell, B. Hinrichsen, J. Kieffer, C. Giacobbe).
25 May 2021

Towards a high-throughput mail-in service for X-ray powder diffraction

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10 May 2021

STREAMLINE workshops for new and emerging communities

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14 January 2021

3rd DyCoMaX Workshop begins today

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15 November 2019

STREAMLINE starts today

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