Synchrotron tomography, a cutting-edge X-ray imaging technique, reveals intricate details of materials and structures in three dimensions.

At the ESRF, we offer multiscale imaging with a wide range of X-ray energies (20-300 keV), enabling the imaging of any kind of samples from various sectors, with pixel sizes ranging from 100 microns down to 10 nanometers.

In our brand-new video “ESRF Tomography: Seeing the Invisible,” we showcase the key features and remarkable level of detail that cutting-edge tomography at the ESRF can achieve, empowering innovation and supporting industrial objectives, among others.


Discover synchrotron tomography at the ESRF and contact us to learn how this technique supports industry by providing technological solutions to global challenges. (Contact:

The conception, development, and production of this video were funded by STREAMLINE, with the support of SIMAP Grenoble, Laboratoire G-SCOP Grenoble, and Fraunhofer, who provided the additive manufacturing and composite material samples.



Text and video storyboard by Chiara Facoetti