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STREAMLINE aims to ensure the long-term sustainability of the ESRF in the context of its ESRF-EBS upgrade to be the first in a new generation of synchrotrons. STREAMLINE is a Horizon2020 funded project for which the ESRF is the sole beneficiary. STREAMLINE will run from 2019 to 2023.

In 2020...

In 2020, the ESRF’s Extremely Brilliant Source (ESRF-EBS), which is a 2018 ESFRI Roadmap Landmark, will begin user operation delivering a revolutionary new high-energy fourth-generation synchrotron and adding four new state-of-the-art X-ray beamlines. Thanks to an initial x100 beam brilliance enhancement and x50 in coherence, with particularly strong impact for micro- and nano-beams, ESRF-EBS will enable novel experimental capabilities across basic, applied and industrial science on all of ESRF’s 44 X-ray beamlines, addressing major societal challenges such as health, energy, environment and new materials.

STREAMLINE will therefore make key updates to the facility’s scientific strategy, contribute to renew its business plan and revisit access modes, with a new access service package, to capitalise rapidly on the new scientific opportunities and increased experimental capacities at the beamlines. Benefits will be felt by both academia and industry. Support and training of user communities, existing, emerging and new, to encourage use of the new opportunities is an essential part of STREAMLINE. This will allow the ESRF to become rapidly the first operational demonstrator of a high-energy fourth-generation synchrotron.


  • Review and revise the business model;
  • Adapt user procedures and systems;
  • Build capacity at the beamlines;
  • Outreach and training for user communities.

STREAMLINE will increase the sustainability of the ESRF itself and aid the European light source community in their rapid exploitation of EBS-type upgrades by sharing the results of this H2020 funded programme.

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