This page provides links to videos produced by STREAMLINE.


EBS–stories: A series of short videos to show the research carried out with ESRF-EBS.

EBS-stories playlist:


Scientific webinars: The webinars targeted various scientific domains and explained the new possibilities offered by ESRF-EBS.

Webinars playlist:


Industry focussed webinars:

Synchrotron scattering methods for soft materials industrial research and development:

Synchrotron multiscale and time-resolved microtomography:


Tutorial videos for ESRF users, explaining how to book travel online for experiments, and aspects of data collection and analysis.

Tutorial videos playlist:



Workshop on Cultural and Natural Heritage at ESRF-EBS, Grenoble, 22 – 24 January 2020:

Workshop playlist:


3rd workshop on Studies of Dynamically Compressed Matter with X-rays, 14-15 January 2021, online.

List of recordings and slides:


Dark Field X-ray Microscopy Workshop, 6-7 May 2021, online.

Workshop playlist:


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