For Industry

ESRF-EBS enables new experimental capacities. STREAMLINE aims to deliver an increase in capacity through the development of new procedures and services, which will be tailored for efficient use by both industry and academia.

STREAMLINE Tour: the ESRF meets Industry

Among the ground-breaking developments issued by STREAMLINE, the development of more advanced routine services, based on mature methodologies with a quiet extended community of users, seems the most relevant for the industrial community. This deployment of novel high-throughput routine services, by paving the way to statistical measurement of large data sets, represents a major advancement for the industrial users’ community.

The novel services have been developed in the domain of:

♦ Powder diffraction, supporting the domain or phase identification and strain and stress determination;

♦ X-ray fluorescence for Elemental analysis recognition;

♦ 3D imaging where the increased automation in the collection of tomographic data can be a game changer for non-destructive inspections and failure analysis.

With all this in mind, the ESRF launched a flagship initiative: STREAMLINE Tour – the ESRF meets industry!

The ESRF industrial team will be travelling across Europe promoting and participating in a selection of events where we would like to meet our industrial partners and offer them the possibility to know our novel services tailored to their needs. The ESRF will be present alone or with a selected partner and will engage to meet industrial partners in all the sectors that would benefit the most from the unique capabilities offered by the new high throughput fast track services: battery and energy, metallurgy and engineering, nanotech and advanced materials, pharma, electronics, food-science, consumer products, environment preservation, and mining.

Check out the Streamline TOUR dates!

FEMS Euromat 2023 03 – 07 September 2023 Frankfurt (Germany)
ICBR 2023 – International Congress for Battery Recycling 06 – 08 September 2023 Valencia (Spain)
Nano Innovation 2023 18 – 22 September 2023 Rome (Italy)
Les Rendez-Vous Carnot 2023 18 – 19 October 2023 Lyon (France)
G-RADNEXT 8 – 9 November 2023 Geneva (Switzerland)
31st PSDI – Protein Structure Determination in Industry 12 -14 November 2023 Cambridge (UK)
Battery Innovation Days 2023 14 – 15 November 2023 Bordeaux (France)
CARAC 2023 21 November 2023 Paris (France)
ICT – International Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography
6 – 9 February 2024 Wels (Austria)
Beyond Additive – NDT Technologies for new Hybrid AM PROCESSES
20 March 2024 Modena (Italy)
25 March 2024 Grenoble, ESRF (France)
New High-throughput services at the ESRF: HT – XRD day
15 April 2024 Grenoble, ESRF (France)



Goals of the project: what is Streamline aiming for?

  • Consultation with industry throughout the project, from analysis of opportunities, to co-design of new services and in their testing;
  • Revised set of access options to better serve the industrial community;
  • New mail in framework for analytical services and new service package;
  • Facilitating a better partnership with industry, including SMEs, for services, access, co-development and technology transfer, and an initiative to make hosting SMEs possible on the EPN Campus;
  • Expansion of the user communities, increasing the potential for innovation, expanding European collaboration in the world;
  • Outreach to industry: to inform existing and potential future users of the new opportunities made possible by ESRF-EBS and STREAMLINE.


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