On 25 October 2022, Mario Brandenburg, the Parliamentary State Secretary to the German Federal Minister of Education and Research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, or BMBF), inaugurated BM18.

BM18 is the ESRF’s new flagship beamline for hierarchical tomography using phase-contrast, a 3D imaging technique that is around a thousand times more precise than a medical scanner.

Taking full advantage of the Extremely Brilliant Source (EBS) with its high-energy, highly coherent X-rays, the 220-m-long beamline, equipped with the world’s largest synchrotron sample stage, can scan very large samples with exceptional accuracy and with the possibility to zoom down to the micron scale using the hierarchical imaging system.

This will revolutionise scientific imaging, with applications in health and bio-imaging, materials science and new materials for industry, palaeontology and archaeology, as well as geosciences.

Streamline is supporting the implementation of advanced and automated tomography data management and processing, by putting in place a dedicated workflow and enhanced user experience to support our researcher community – as from industry as well as from academia – in exploiting the ESRF’s state-of-the-art X_ray tomography beamlines.

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