STREAMLINE – Sustainable research at micro and nano X-ray beamlines – is a Horizon 2020 funded project that aims to enhancing the ESRF’s experimental facilities for users from both academic and industry. The project aims to capitalise on the new experimental capabilities and capacities made possible by the ESRF-EBS upgrade. STREAMLINE will run for four years and has a value of 5 million Euros, with ESRF as the sole beneficiary.

STREAMLINE will enhance user operation through new procedures and systems including a revision of the business plan and facility access policies. New mail-in services will be created for both academic and industrial users. Automation, machine learning and online data analysis will be used to increase experimental throughput at the beamlines and to enhance the user experience. The new opportunities for research made possible by ESRF-EBS and STREAMLINE will be publicised through outreach to existing and new scientific communities, and results of the project will be shared with the European synchrotron community via the LEAPS consortium.


STREAMLINE is funded by the Horizon2020 programme INFRADEV-2018-2020: Development and long-term sustainability of new pan-European research infrastructures.