The DyCoMaX workshop is dedicated to new scientific opportunities offered by the combination of dynamic compression, induced by powerful lasers or other shock-generating devices, with brilliant time-resolved X-ray probes.

Dynamic compression allows to exploration of very extreme regions of the pressure and temperature phase diagram, up to multi-Mbar pressures and thousands of Kelvin. Exotic states of matter can be induced, such as Warm Dense Matter – relevant for fundamental science, to constrain theoretical models, and for planetary science, for the description of the interior of (exo)planets. At moderate conditions, the behavior of matter under a high strain rate can be investigated, relevant for material and industrial science, for example for the synthesis of new materials.

States obtained under dynamic compression are transient and difficult to probe. However, in recent years, the coupling of shock-generating devices to brilliant and time-resolved X-rays probes has revolutionized this field, finally allowing a fine microscopic analysis under dynamic conditions. Two main strategies have emerged: on one side, the development of in-situ X-ray probes at large lasers facilities, on the other side, the construction of powerful and compact lasers or meso-scale gas-launcher at X-rays facilities.

At the ESRF, dynamic compression has been developing around three time-resolved techniques: X-ray Absorption on ID24, with the opening of the new High Power Laser Facility (HPLF); X-ray Imaging on ID19 coupled with different dynamic compression devices (meso-scale gas-launcher, laser, Hopkinson bar) and managed through a new community access mode, the Shock BAG;  X-ray Diffraction on ID09 coupled to a newly installed 5J ns laser.

2023 has also seen the opening of another important facility in Europe: the DIPOLE laser is now operated on the HED instrument at European XFEL, coupling different X-ray techniques to laser-induced dynamic compression.

The deadline for registration is 11 February 2024: more info and details about the workshop can be found here!