Spin caloritronics refer to a class of materials in which spin, charge and heat currents can be interconverted and provide a diverse multifunctionality for the development of future spintronic devices. A prominent phenomenon is the so-called Spin Seebeck Effect (SSE), in which thermoelectricity is generated using magnetic materials and exploited in waste energy recycling components. The SSE is proposed to arise from a magnon induced spin current at the interface of a magnetic insulator and heavy metal. Therefore, revealing the nanoscale interplay of atomic and magnetic structure, together with the magnon properties, is a vital step in understanding spin caloritronic materials and optimising their functionality in future devices.

In this webinar, the development of a novel probe combining X-ray Resonant Magnetic Scattering and nanobeams to reveal a nanoscale spin texture in prototype SSE device structures will be presented [1]. In addition, we illustrate the potential for circular dichroic RIXS to provide insight into the role of chirality of magnon modes driving the SSE. Future exciting opportunities offered by EBS of ESRF-II for spin caloritronic materials by high resolution magnetic Bragg ptychography developments, will also be discussed.

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