With the implementation of the Extremely Brilliant Source (EBS), the ESRF source increased its performance by two orders of magnitudes. This translates into the fastest and most complex experiment, with high throughput, multimodal and multi-scale capabilities, and ultimate time and space resolution. These new features enable novel opportunities but also novel challenges, in particular for the amount of data generated and the data analysis.

Conscious of the game-changing opportunity offered by the ESRF, the European Commission approved the funding of STREAMLINE, an initiative worth 5 million euros, that helped the ESRF define a novel business model that could optimise the exploitation of the disruptive capabilities offered by the EBS.

As we near the culmination of this journey, it’s time to share our collective achievements, celebrate the milestones reached, and analyse how the Streamline project has adapted ESRF user operation procedures and piloted new access modes and new services exploiting automation at the beamlines.

This STREAMLINE hybrid event will take place in the ESRF Auditorium (EPN Campus, Grenoble) on Thursday 11 April 2024, all external participants interested in joining the session should complete the registration here.

Once registration is completed, a Zoom link will be sent for the remote connection. We are looking forward to sharing the STREAMLINE project outcomes and achievements with the RI and scientific community!